Royalty Free Stock Guy Clipart by Prawny

  1. Black and White Guy Stick People Faces
  2. Western Cowboy Ready to Draw His Guns
  3. Male Brunette White Body Builder Lifting Weights
  4. Green Guy Talking on a Cell Phone
  5. Scruffy Male Faces
  6. Red Haired Guy Using a Computer at a Desk
  7. Black Silhouetted Two Men Arguing
  8. White Senior Male Artist Holding a Palette and Paintbrush over a Colorful Oval
  9. Blue Man Carrying a Globe over Hills
  10. Man Leaping a Hurdle on a Track
  11. Swinging Male Golfer on the Green
  12. Businessman over a Green and Yellow Background
  13. Black and White Balding Man Looking at the Viewer
  14. Messy Chef Eating Food Inside His Pot
  15. Sketched Man Running in His Swim Shorts