Royalty Free Stock Guy Clipart by Hit Toon

  1. Hispanic Traffic Director Man Holding a Stop Sign
  2. Friendly Mail Man Holding a Letter
  3. Friendly White Delivery Man Using a Dolly to Move Boxes
  4. Happy White Mechanic Man with a Tool Box and Wrench
  5. Senior Caucasian Professor Man Holding a Pointer
  6. Mad Cop with Letters C
  7. Friendly Male Traffic Director Holding a Stop Sign
  8. Hispanic Construction Worker Carrying a Wood Board
  9. Happy Hispanic Plumber Man Carrying a Wrench and Tool Box
  10. Hispanic Farmer Man Carrying a Rake and Pail
  11. Lineart Happy Serving Chef
  12. Male Hispanic Traffic Director Using a Stop Sign
  13. Pleased Male Pizza Chef with His Perfect Pie
  14. Friendly White Plumber Man Carrying a Wrench and Tool Box
  15. White Bunny in a Magician's Hat
  16. Green Haired Mad Scientist Man Carrying a Flask
  17. White Male Police Officer Holding a Club and Yelling
  18. Hispanic Police Man Holding a Club and Yelling
  19. Friendly Hispanic Male Waiter Serving Wine
  20. Cop with P Is for Policeman Text
  21. Silhouetted Officer with Letters P
  22. Black Male Construction Worker with Tools
  23. Handy Man Holding a Hammer and Tool Box
  24. Black and White Happy Male Plumber Holding a Toolbox and a Monkey Wrench
  25. Black and White Happy Male Scientist
  26. Caucasian Construction and Repair Men